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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow*91 View Post
    ↑i also like to actually see who i'm fighting and i play many genre's. i think its better cause then you can get to know the person rather than being online where it just play, play, play
    But a lot of gamers aren't as social as me and you.
    In 2007 I predicted Wii Fit would sell more than Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

    EVERYONE at wiichat.com disagreed with me.

    As it stands today:

    Super Smash Bros. Brawl: 9.49 Million

    Wii Fit: 35 Million

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    Quote Originally Posted by Godwind View Post
    First off, lets address pricing. I am an American and you are an Australian. One USD is about 1.76 AUD. In AUD, that would be $21 AUD. Also to be noted is that Australian game prices are inflated to begin with. It would be expected that you would pay $30 (in AUD). Also, I specified that these weren't the best prices at all. In fact cheaper prices can be found. "I am also pretty sure you can get that for better prices than what I listed." I listed memory cards for $10 USD. They can be found for $6 less. I saw copies of metroid prime selling for $2 USD. I think my listing is extremely reasonable if not inflated.
    I'm not Australian, I'm Canadian so the prices are about the same. While you may be able to pick up Prime/Prime 2 for about $5 each on Ebay you'd also have to factor in shipping, which seems to be about $10 for most, so they could run up to about $15 each which would be no cheaper than the trilogy price. So to estimate (prices found on Ebay): Prime - $5, Prime 2 - $5, Prime 3 - $20, NGC contoller - $10, NGC memory card - $5 + shipping on everything. It'd cost more than the trilogys $50.

    I just traded in MP3 for $19, meaning I only have to pay another $31 for both games and get the luxury of the new controls. It is a bargin.
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