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    Quote Originally Posted by baldbull View Post
    yea, im actually really surprised its not. WaW sold over 1 million copies on wii, so basically they know they can match that at the very least. Ive never heard of a company not making as much money as possible. They need to take advantage of the CoD series while they can because its popularity will not last forever. its a bad business model not to make this game for wii.

    its not worth buying a ps3/xbox for just this game. no game is worth several hundred dollars. i would rather put that amount of money into savings than blow it on one video game.
    I agree with you completely. However I'm not surprised that they didn't come over to Wii. Infinity Ward has never expressed any interest in the Wii at all since it was announced. But I do agree with you, if Modern Warfare 2 came onto the Wii it would probably sell as good, if not MUCH better than WaW did. And they would probably set-up a kick-ass online infrastructure, but if they want to pass up that opportunity then that's on them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by raisinghelen View Post
    Totally agree, there are very few games that I would seriously consider paying up to $300 for. Personally I would buy the PC version anyway.

    It is rather up in the air still as to whether COD:MW2 will be coming to the Wii or not as there has been no official announcement either way yet.

    Some stores have a placemarker for a Wii version, some don't. Even though the official site doesn't have the Wii logo that doesn't make it conclusive as it is for IW who wouldn't be making the Wii version anyway, if there is one it would be made by Treyarch again. Some Spanish websites have posted that it is coming to the Wii but whether there is any fact to this or if it is just speculation is unknown.

    It would seem strange not to have COD:MW2 on Wii seeing as they already ported the COD4 engine over. It could be that there will be a Wii version that will release at a later date than the 360/PS3/PC ones, although that doesn't make much sense if they want to maximise sales.
    Treyarch will most definitely make a CoD6 for the Wii due to it's early success. But as far as I know, Infinity Ward has no interest at all in making a Wii version. It's not plausible at this time.

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