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    I'm so happy with what HVS is doing that it makes me cry. They created an engine useful basically only on the Wii and are pumping out high quality games, just like on would find on any other console. It makes me happy to be a Wii owner. The only thing to hope for now is that these games sell well. They surely will join my collection.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stickmode View Post
    yeah, this game and the other vampire shooter are great!!

    Congratulations HVS, I surely buy your games!!

    And I looking Kotaku, IGN and Gamepro, I find some of these xbox360/ps3 owners complaint saying this game's graphics looks like a PSP or PS2 graphics without arguments and trying to defend their consoles, NO stupids xbox360/ps3 vastards: The Wii will show better and better hardcore games that gradualy beat the games that your consoles are offer.
    What if their games are really bad?
    And the games graphics are bad, but with full dismemberment I don't really care. And Stickmode, it depends on the game, but the PS3 and 360 do have better games and that's true. But that said, the Wii's games are good enough. And whats a vastard?

    Too big for picture, best fake kirby art i've seen

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