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    Quote Originally Posted by Frog View Post
    Stickmode, you don't make any sense. Why do you want Nintendo to be Microsoft/Sony?

    If they do that they would be out of business. The reason they are successful is precisely because they did not try to go head-to-head with those guys. They have a differentiated product. Hell now Sony & MS are trying to be like Nintendo.

    Just buy a 360/PS3/PC and you can play all the "hardcore" games you want.

    But your not gonna get games like Shiren3, Muramasa, Zelda, Metroid, Mario Kart etc.
    This is pretty much right on. While i would like nintendo to have more 'hardcore' games, most gamers could care less. Nintendo did the best job with this gens console. They killed the 360/ps3 in sales and popularity. I am 30 years old and in my age group, its trendy to own an iphone, mac, and.....a nintendo wii. most people could care less about the other systems and games they have. Most people also think hardcore gamers are people who live in a fantasy world and watch japanese anime 24/7...its not cool to be labeled as a hardcore gamer in most circles. nintendo saw this and capatalized on it and thu should not try to be the 360/ps3. there is a much much bigger market than those consoles serve and nintendo is hitting it. hardcore gamers hate on nintendo because of it. they are mad that hot chicks and normal athletic guys all of a sudden play games lol. now can nintendo improve...yes, a lot and so can sony and MS. This is why sony and MS are trying to all of sudden copy nintendo. And this is why nintendo has wii speak, DSi, etc.

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