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    Quote Originally Posted by KingBowser View Post
    You know not everyone is perfect. Why are correcting me and why are you doing this? Are trying to offend me! What are you trying to say to me ,Mr. Levesquelsking? I do not like people who trys to offend me you know! So... are you or are you NOT trying to offend me? ANSWER MY QUESTION NOW!!!!!

    If not, I am sorry I got mad. I'm just hot temper.
    I wasn't correcting you. I wouldn't dare. I genuinely enjoy reading your posts, and I genuinely believe that your last post was worthy of being post of the year.

    I must say, you did give your last post a run for its money with this one, though. I mean, your first sentence was practically perfectly legible. But then, as a shout-out to your core fanbase, you followed up with a stupendously undescribable second sentence. Brilliant move. You're really reaching out to all of your bases—new and old. "...and why are you doing this?" would seem like a perfectly good question, but preluded by "Why are you correcting me," it serves no purpose but to completely rack the mind of the reader, who, at this point, is trying to decide whether you were again asking the same thing twice to add emphasis or if you were referring to some scandalous, secret, or nonexistant other thing that I was doing. Then, sticking it to your critics, you followed up with a sentence that both longtime fans of KingBowser and new viewers can enjoy: "Are you trying to offend me!" The sentence in itself is perfectly valid, but the tasteful addition of an explanation point (and subtraction of a question mark) is the sort of thing that you've made a name for yourself doing. This sentence—this verbally impossible sentence—is something that we, as your followers, only get to see once in a blue moon. But you weren't done, were you? You then continued to slyly switch the I in my name for an l, but you can't fool me! Or...wait. Maybe you were trying to give new life to my name. I think that's it, and just to let you know, I absolutely love the name Levesquel's King. Love it. And sir, you're absolutely right: You don't have a hot temper, you are hot temper. I'm proud to say that I'm one of the few that have witnessed the definition of a hot temper. Everybody else is just a poser.
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    i wouldnt really bother listening to an 11 year old, no matter how smart he is. Does he study the mind and learning? No, he is studying to be an astrophysicist, so he should stick to his field of interest. The reason I am not bothering to listen is because I hold a Ph.D. in instructional systems with a minor in education psychology from Penn State University and am an assistant professor. I can tell you that video games are very very beneficial for the mind for many reasons and are being used by many to teach. This kid is immature and has no idea what he is talking about. I guess all of the soldiers that I have trained at the department of defense during my time as a consultant wasted their time because because I had them playing war games.

    video games are a waste of time if you are playing games 24/7 and doing nothing else with you life while avoiding people, school, work, etc. Otherwise, if you enjoy them, they are good for enhancing cognition and relaxing you.

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    So what is this article supposed to do, make the world realize that video games have no major real world value?

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    Sounds like jealousy, we all just got owned by an 11 year old.

    Smarter than all of us, maybe hes right and were in denial

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