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    Quote Originally Posted by DPrinny View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. M View Post
    Are the worst. Seriously. Who wants to play duck hunt with zombies or infected aliens? After finally taking a look at the new Resident Evil and Dead Space Extraction I discovered both are rail shooters.

    ****ing disappointment. Now I won't be getting either.

    There a lot more sophisticated that "Duck hunt+Zombie"
    Its like saying Street fighter 4 is just IK with better graphics

    Id like to say there isnt enough on the rials shooters
    Why are developers so lazy with the Wii?
    First time ive herd Capcom being called lazy

    Now kindly

    And come back when you know what your talking about

    What he said.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. M View Post
    I won't call Capcom lazy because it seems they set out to make a rail-shooter, which disappoints me considering they most definitely could make a worthy sequel in Resident Evil 4's style.

    But they don't. Because they're lazy. Yeah, I changed my mind.

    Starfox was awesome, but it's different. At least you had SOME movement and maneuverability, which was an important part of the game. This is just point and shoot lameness.
    I'd have to agree that Capcom has been a bit lazy when it comes to the Wii. They started out awesome with Zack & Wiki, good ports of RE:4 and Okami. Then they just churned out cheap ports (RE Archives), shoddy games (Dead Rising), rail shooters (RE:UC) and low budget original games (Spyborgs). I'd presume that the drop in quality was partly due to the majority of their resources being used on RE:5 (although that was a waste as the game wasn't that great imo). None of the games were particulary bad, just they wern't quite the level of quality I've come to expect from Capcom.

    All will be forgiven next year though when they bring out the excellent Tatsunoko vs Capcom and Monster Hunter Tri. Those games show that Capcom does still care and are still a top quality developer.

    Star Fox was pretty revolutionary when it comes to rail shooters, so it is a shame that we haven't seen or even heard of a Star Fox Wii yet.

    There is a consolation though Dr M and one that might get you actually enjoying a rail shooter. Next year sees the release of Sin & Punishment 2, a rail shooter but with character movement (like Star Fox). While the other rail shooters are worth a rental, I believe that this one will be a keeper.
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