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    Hudson, Konami announce Wii survival horror game, Calling

    Hudson and Konami have announced a new Wii-exclusive survival horror game called Calling. The game, set to launch in early 2010, brings together exploration and puzzle solving and wraps them in an ectoplasmic ball of ghostly terror that's gunning for your unarmed and unarmored self. Yummy.

    Just like Ju-on: The Grudge, Calling turns the Wiimote into an everyday object that plays a big part of the game world. The Wiimote will double as the on-screen mobile phone. Players will receive mysterious calls throughout the game, which are answered by raising the Wiimote to the ear. This is a horror game, so there'll be a ghostly voice speaking on the other end. Here's the premise:

    In Calling, players begin by visiting a mysterious “Black Page” website with a simple number counter. Some say it is a bridge to something sinister; the counter indicating the number of people who have died after visiting the page. It is said that people who have visited the site and witness a certain event are drawn into a mysterious space compiled of the memories of the dead - the space between life and death. Someone or something is drawing the living there for a reason, and it is up to the player to discover the horrifying truth. In order to do so, players will use various equipment including flash lights, phones, and other items to navigate and escape the Calling.
    heres the link http://wii.qj.net/Hudson-Konami-anno.../49/aid/132936

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    Excellent, with this I will complete my Surival Horror game collection. I will buy all!!

    RE Darkside Chronicles
    Dead Space: Extraction
    Silent Hill: Shatered Memories
    Cursed Mountain
    Ju-on: The Grugde and
    The Calling
    And I hope Winter and Sadness coming coming next year!!

    Great, great, great COLLECTION!!

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