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    Beat the Aussies from August 7th!

    No-one takes Cricket more seriously than the English and Australians, decide the outcome of the Ashes with Codemasters Ashes Cricket 2009 set for release on August 7th.

    Set to deliver all the drama of the nPower Ashes Series at the five official grounds, Ashes Cricket 2009 will also feature Test matches, One Day Internationals and 20 over games to give a complete recreation of the sport. The high definition editions will feature full online multiplayer, while the Wii edition will have players using the Wii Remote to perform batting and bowling motions in single player or local multiplayer games.

    Wii fans in the UK have been asking for a Cricket game for many many years now, the first on
    heres the link http://wii.nintendolife.com/news/200...rom_august_7th

    Why a cricket game codemasters, i think the Australia would enjoy it but dunno about some people in USA like me.

    Didn't know about the English like cricket..

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