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    Quote Originally Posted by =Sixpack= View Post
    Good list - Dues Ex was absolutely amazing! i still like GRAW and i didnt know the new Red Steel 2 was going to use there engine,if Epic are reading - i apologise
    Red Steel 1 used it also, so it goes to show there's a lot more to making a good game than a good engine.

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    I never played RS 1 mucka but i only recieved my Wii this christmas and i believe that was a launch title,got terrible reviews along the lines of "controls dont work"

    Been following the second one though and its looking very good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stickmode View Post
    I know why they hate the Wii, THEY'RE LAZY DEVELOPERS!!
    Becose they can't affort improving their skills working with a limited hardware, they preffer the easy way working only in powerfull machines avoiding the issues and gliches that they need to fix with the Wii.
    This is a stupid and nonsense PARADIGM Mr. Rein, the console hardware is powerfull as the talent and skills of the developer can do to improve and maximize the hardware's features.
    There's a fundamental rule, in the words of my programing teacher " If the hardware is limited the software can overtake these limitations".

    "There's many ways to solve and surpass hardware limitations, the real challenge is try to find them, but it's still there"
    The developers know this, why they don't apply this rule for the Wii is a complete mistery, Nintendo everytime knows that when his console cycle ends the developers only reach the 60 or 70 percent of the console's total capacity.
    That is why Nintendo made the Wii a low horsepower console, to try to FORCE the developers to put effort and be more creative when programing a Nintendo console and finnaly top the hardware 100 percent.
    You know the money talks, if Nintendo offers to Epic a huge amount of money to make a exclusive hardcore game for Wii using an updated UE3 engine like Microsoft and Sony did. Epic, sure may do it without take care of the hardware limitations!!
    And the result will be a high quality game very close to that we see on the xbox360/ps3!!

    Someone needs their pills.

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