It all depends on the fans and sales but its a little early for now to assume anything. That's what producer Joshua Olsen said about the possibility of making a sequel to the Sega Wiixclusive FPS, The Conduit. They are, however, very interested in the idea, so if you loved the first one, this ought to be news for you.

Speaking through a Radio-Blodec podcast recently, the High Voltage producer expressed that he and his crew are more than open to the idea. "...we are very interested to make a sequel to The Conduit, its quite a robust world and there are more stories we want to tell."

"The Conduit is the first part for our hero and we want to make more parts to tell more things about him," Olsen added. Although it sounds a lot like a Conduit II or whatever it is they're gonna call it is on its way, do note that they're not even on the drawing board on it just yet.
heres the link

Why couldn't they cram it into one game and put it on 2 or 3 cd in a special edition pack and the 3 cd could be tons of bonus features. or maybe a 4 dick pack.