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    tHIS gAME LOOKS LIKE ONE OF THE BEST GAMES FOR THE WII THIS YEAR, and i just wanted to know what you guys thought.

    NHL 2K10 redefines the sports gaming experience with a new emphasis on social gaming. Whether you're a die-hard NHL fan or a casual player, NHL 2K10's pick-up-and-play controls, true-to-life authenticity and variety of on- and off-line multiplayer modes promise hours of entertainment for any gamer.

    Among the new features that will make this the must-have hockey game of the season include:

    New Gameplay Mechanics - Completely rewritten AI, enhanced defensive controls and stick lifts, stumble shots, a new defensive skating model and new incidental contact and small animation systems

    Enhanced Presentation - All-new rink intros for each arena, improved goal celebrations, enhanced visuals, and greatly improved, true-to-life character models, with San Jose Sharks commentators Randy Hahn and Drew Remenda returning with new broadcast commentary

    Improved Franchise Mode - NHL 2K10 features a new contract/free agency system, improved roster management, an updated financial model, dynamic player progression, and fantasy drafts

    New Franchise Co-op Play - Play a franchise season game with or against a friend on- or offline, or play a traditional game against the CPU
    Franchise Blog / 2KSports.com Integration - Publish your franchise stats and standings, and upload game highlights and screenshots to your personal page at 2KSports.com

    Enhanced Online Modes - New seamless online integration connects players in Team Up games, tracks your progress with My Player Card, and offers full league, leaderboard, tournament and 2K Share support

    Create Team Mode - Create a persistent team with friends by designing your uniforms, developing a unique team identity, and then competing against other created teams online, offline and in Franchise mode


    New Control Scheme - Choose between fun, easy-to-use Wii Remote and Nunchuk controls and Sideways Wii Remote support, or plug in a Wii Classic Controller for three ways to play

    Full Online Modes - For the first time, enjoy full online support for Wii, including multiplayer and multi-console match-ups, downloadable rosters, online leagues, tournaments, leaderboards and Team Up mode featuring persistant created teams and regular Pick-Up Games

    WiiMotion Plus and WiiSpeak Support - Enjoy online voice chat capabilities via WiiSpeak and precise one-to-one control with WiiMotion Plus

    NHL 2K10 launches on September 15th for Wii system


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    That's great, finally a Jokey game on par along the HD consoles!!

    I hope this game will be the best and the definitive version thanks to the Wii motion+

    I'm very pleased, more and more games that are better on the Wii appear, against the xbox360/ps3 versions!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mitch94 View Post
    tHIS gAME LOOKS LIKE ONE OF THE BEST GAMES FOR THE WII THIS YEAR, and i just wanted to know what you guys thought.
    So far, the game does appear to include all of the features of the PS3/XBox 360 versions, as well as a unique Skills Mode using the Miis. I'm cautiously optimistic about this game, although I'll wait for a few more previews/reviews before committing.

    Also, I have hopes that NBA 2K10 for Wii (also developed by Visual Concepts) is a good game. Along with a rumor of MotionPlus support I've seen on the Web, 2K's own site at http://www.2ksports.com/games/nba2k10 lists these features for NBA 2K10 Wii:

    NBA Today - All the real world matchups, news and stats are automatically streamed right into your game. No longer will your commentary and overlays be stale and out of date. NBA Today keeps everything fresh and up to date based upon what is really happening in the NBA.

    My Player Mode – Create the ultimate NBA player and guide his every career move. Start as an undrafted rookie in the Summer Circuit; work hard enough and you may get an invite to participate in an NBA team’s training camp, or you may end up in the D-League. The road to being an NBA star is a long and hard battle.

    Living Rosters - The 2K Insider and his team of NBA analysts continue to provide the most up-to-date team and player information, including roster and lineup moves, trades, injuries and player ratings. Now track all of the changes through the season with interactive menus and analysis.

    Seamless Online Experience – Forget the past, with NBA2K10 online play is fully incorporated into every mode of the game. Now you can play the AI, challenge the friend sitting next to you or play your buddy across town anytime, from anywhere in the game.

    Signature Play - Signature Play pulls together all of NBA 2K’s player Signature Styles and adds in all-new Signature Tendencies and facial expressions, creating NBA 2K10 teams that play and react like their real life counterparts for an unbelievably realistic NBA experience.

    NEW Intuitive Offensive Controls - All-new easy-to-use dribbling and post game controls allow you to pull off ankle breaking IsoMotion moves and dominate like Kobe from the perimeter to the paint.

    Shut Down D - Shut down teams down like never before with innovative defensive controls that allow you to shadow your opponent’s every move, deny position off-ball, and even select how you want to contest shots.

    Deeper Association – The Association strives for the title of best franchise mode in sports with full incorporation of the NBA Development League, the ability to control all 30 NBA teams at once, restricted free agency, real-time practice, an all-new player progression system, and a host of other enhancements.

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    which i liked Ice Hockey this game look great, cool online looks like maybe i'll get this game someday.

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