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    Quote Originally Posted by 1337endo View Post
    ... Stickmode, please, knock it off.

    '09 was way better than '08, and it seems Mr. Phoenix made his purchase already which he enjoys. That's all that matters in the end.
    I bought 10 but the more I play it the more I want to go back to 08.

    My main problems with it for me is calling audibles on both sides of the line, they seem awkward and rushed. Also I keep on messing up the directional passing for some reason, I thought I understand it but maybe I need to look at it more. Previously it was selecting a player using the D pad and then throwing to them, now it's selecting a player and pointing at them?

    Also every time you get into the end zone you pick a dance, and collinsworth responds with "and he put a little extra dance in that one." The commentary is bad but it would be ignorable if the above mentioned other problems where less.

    So is 09 more like 08 or 10?

    It's an alright game, I think I was just expecting more.
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