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    LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias Announced

    The amazing WiiWare launch title is getting a sequel.

    Anticipation for a sequel to Frontier's WiiWare launch title LostWinds has been building for a long time now. We knew the announcement was coming, we just didn't know when or what to expect.

    In the most recent issue of Edge magazine, Frontier unleashes a rather in-depth preview of their highly-anticipated sequel and tells gamers a few things they can expect from the title.

    Along with the ability to switch seasons in order to solve puzzles, Toku can now swim in water as well as conjure up cyclones capable of drilling through rocks and picking up water.

    As big fans of the original, we personally can't wait to find out more information on this upcoming WiiWare sequel and we'll keep you informed on any new developments as they become available. Since development of the game is almost completed, maybe it won't be too much longer until we see the game released on the WiiWare service. Let's hope so!
    heres the link http://wiiware.nintendolife.com/news...dias_announced

    Yay lostwinds 2, i still haven't finished the first one, i downloaded it but never get myself to finish it. But kickass lostwinds 2, better be longer.

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    Frontier have just opened their dedicated Lostwinds site


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