Wii.qj.net points out that there not be enough copies of beatles: rock band during the holidays.

While Guitar Hero 5 is confronting Love problems, Harmonix' The Beatles: Rock Band (PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii) is getting overwhelmed with all the love they are getting from their fans, so much so that a shortage of stock is looking to be mighty inevitable.

Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman revealed that the Rock Band tribute to the Fab Four is "going so fast" that you'll most likely have to fight tooth and nail to grab a copy come the holiday season. In fact, the estimate is that as early as November, the Limited Edition Premium Bundle could be sold out already. In this Premium Bundle, a Ringo Starr/ Ludwig-branded Rock Band drum kit is being offered along with the game, for a total of US$ 250.

More stats from Viacom reveal that on the first week of the game's release alone, they were already able to sell 25% of their inventory. "It is a work of art," Dauman gushed. "We think it's going to have legs. We'll see."

And with those legs we'll fly off over the yellow submarine.