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    Update on modern warfare for wii. OMFG!

    I have done some reshearched and I found put that modern warfare is going to improve a lot than from call of duty world at war. It is said to have all the game modes ( ofline and online ) plus another one. As you all know, modern warfare for 360 and ps3 had no co op mode. Well the wii now had that mode, I mean the co op mode like the one on call of duty world at war for wii. Sadly no split screen co op but u can fight with a friend through the capainion. That's a plus. Sadly, no pay to play will be invovled in modern warfare but they are not cutting out any online modes. U can play capture the flag, team death match, death match, demoloation, an more! If u don't believe me whach this video.

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    Ah, well this game will be good for the Wii. I'm not going to buy this for Wii though, already have game preordered for Ps3.
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