Wii. qj.net claims that the guitar hero van Halen promo cd's are out now or coming out soon enough.

Can't wait to see how Guitar Hero Van Halen (PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)will look as a final product? It may not be out yet, but its promotional copies sure are! 5 Frets flaunted this package they received in their mailbox, and it does look ready to rock.

The promotional copy of the Van Halen iteration of the franchise arrived along with the officially launched copies of Guitar Hero 5 (PS3, Xbox 360, Wii) from Activision. The Van Halen game has been pretty quiet, but now we can say that they were just probably gearing up for the storm it will bring.

Reportedly, it looks pretty similar to the Metallica iteration, and that it did not appear to feature track-transfer capabilities onto GH5. What you would want to know, am sure, what's in the song list. From what the list showed, there's gonna be Dance the Night Away, Eruption, Everybody Wants Some!!, Feel your Love Tonight, Hear About it , and Hang 'Em High, among many others.