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    Nintendo Super Guide Mode in NSMB Wii: The Details

    Wii.nintendolife saids This NSMB Wii may have tougher challenges also this should come with some new "super guide" mode
    Could this result in more challenging games?

    The infamous "Kind Code" could ironically mean tougher challenges

    Nintendo's proposed "Kind Code" has had chins wagging for quite some time now, but few people were sure of what it actually meant for gaming. Some jumped to the conclusion that it would make games too easy, while others maintained it was merely a guide that would only help frustrated players.
    The uncertainty is now at an end because website Kotaku has been given a demonstration of the new feature by Nintendo. Although it's certainly going to make things easier for casual gamers, it seems to have resulted in an unexpected side effect - it looks like Nintendo is actually going to make its titles harder because of this feature, as Kotaku reports:
    The levels of New Super Mario Bros. Wii I saw today seemed harder than those of the last side-scrolling Mario platformer, New Super Mario Bros. on the DS. Super Guide does appear to have given Nintendo license to make the new game tougher and may provide the relief some players need to get to the end of the latest Mario world-hopping adventure.
    The system seems to work by offering players that struggle to beat certain levels a lifeline; in NSMB's case, if you die 8 times then Super Guide becomes available, and your character falls under the control of the computer. You can then allow the CPU to finish the level for you, but if you're feeling confident you can reclaim control at any time.

    One thing is for sure: this could have interesting repercussions for the world of video gaming.
    You can read the entire report http://kotaku.com/5374432/kind-code-...-on-auto+pilot

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    Some mario games I've played are too easy so I'm glad that there thinking of adding more challenges....just as long as its not to hard. I don't like the idea of having the game play for you when your stuck...kinda deflates the meaning....
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