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    Wii Fit Plus - Released October 4th

    Just ordered my copy from Amazon for $17.xx with the ECA discount. As someone who actively used Wii Fit last year this time to lose about 30 lbs combined with a low carb diet, I'm looking forward to Wii Fit Plus to help me lose a little more in time for my wedding in January.

    The reviews are coming in, with IGN ranking the game at 82, saying: "The fittingly-named Wii Fit Plus, which effectively replaces the original product, is every bit the enhancement over its predecessor, sporting a handful of new exercises, more mini-games, and a few extra layers of much-needed calorie-burning guidance.
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    I love plus. It was only 20 dollars at gamestop. The driving range thing is awsome. But my board is so sensative the ball never goes straight.

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