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    Project Runway ramps up for the Wii

    Wii.qj.net reports something about "project runway" i think might become a fudgin' game, i think project runway is in the Lifetime channel.

    Klum and company are set to go beyond the runway and head straight into your living rooms via your Wii. Atari and Weinstein Company have announced that they are gearing up the hit TV show Project Runway as a Wii game come Spring next year.

    If you're the type to enjoy pretend-designing/ sewing/ accessorizing clothes, then this is the closest you're gonna get to it. The game will also feature the likeness of host and supermodel Heidi Klum and co-host Fashion Consultant Tim Gunn.

    Atari President-CEO Jim Wilson said, "Of all the brand opportunities out there, we thought 'Project Runway' was the leading fashion brand. The audience is building, the talent is recognizable. It reaches such a broad audience."
    heres the link http://www.variety.com/article/VR111...&cs=1&nid=2562

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