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    Wii Balance Board gets new role as anti-terrorist tool

    Wii.qj.net reports something about the wii balance board

    The Wii has figured prominently in areas mostly detached from the video gaming sphere. Still, this one made me do a double take. The Department of Homeland Security is reportedly using Wii Balance Boards to figure out if people entering an airport have hostile intent.

    CNN reports that the DHS is currently using a modified Balance Board as part of their Future Attribute Screening Technology (FAST) project. The board itself has been configured to measure how someone's weight shifts.

    Apparently, fidgeting is one of the physiological signs that could indicate "whether you might have the desire or intent to do harm." The DHS is now studying if there's a level of fidgeting that would suggest the need for secondary screening.

    These physiological signs also include breathing, eye movement, body temperature, and heart rate, so Nintendo can probably count on the DHS to buy their Vitality Sensors when those come out.

    They were bored: hooking up Wii Balance Board to Lego trucks to play mini soccer

    i think this is so sweet apparently some bored teenagers or adults hooked up the balance board to remote there power remote control trucks

    We've seen the Wii Fit Balance Board hacked to stroll through Google Street View, and even through World of Warcraft's Azeroth, but this one gets my vote. Some guys hooked up the balance board to two LEGO Mindstorms Trucks to play some small rig soccer. It's the only way to play soccer. Nerdy soccer.

    It's not the most... fast-paced thing to happen to the world of soccer, but it's still a neat trick. More exciting than yoga positions anyhow.

    heres the link

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    Wow its amazing how it could be so advanced on other things besides the wii.
    You are a White Yoshi.

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    Ya I even posted one here about how they use it to surf google earth. It is amazing what will they do next.

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