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    Manic Monkey Mayhem Swings in on October 30th

    According to Wiiware.nintendolife this new upcoming game Manic Monkey Mayhem make be out soon...ohh lordy

    The monkey madness is about to begin!

    Code Monkeys has just announced that their brand new WiiWare release Manic Monkey Mayhem will be hitting the European WiiWare service on October 30th.

    You can check out the official press release below for more information on the title, along with a batch of brand new screenshots on the game page.
    The Code Monkeys, an independent videogame development studio, are proud to announce the arrival of everyone’s favourite cheeky primates on Nintendo WiiWare this autumn with Manic Monkey Mayhem, available through the Wii Shop Channel from October 30th.
    Trained in the noble and ancient martial art of Banana Flinging, players control one of eight of these finely honed monkeys as together you do battle with up to seven other simians across eight different themed landscapes. Positioned on a small podium, separated from your opponents via a series of six floating breakable wooden crates which contain power-ups and ammunition, use your zen-like banana flinging skills to chip away at their number of lives by knocking them off their podiums, with the overall aim to be the last one standing and be crowned king or queen of all the monkeys!
    But the fun doesn’t stop there! Manic Monkey Mayhem can be played with a Wii balance board across the single player modes. Plus, play against up to 3 of your friends and family in either Local Multiplayer or Nintendo Wi-Fi across a variety of chimp-tastic game modes.

    Single Player
    • 10 missions + Tutorial
    • 3 campaigns spread across 30 missions with progressive difficulty
    • Balance Board compatibility
    • ‘Greatest Ape’ vs. CPU
    • ‘Minute Monkey’ vs. CPU
    • ‘Ape Team’ vs CPU
    • 2-4 players (Local and Wi-Fi)
    • Vertical or horizontal split screen (Local)
    • ‘Greatest Ape’ vs CPU/human (Local)
    • ‘Ape Team’ vs CPU/human (Local)
    • ‘Pass the Parcel’ vs CPU/human (Local)
    • ‘Greatest Ape’ (Wi-Fi)
    • ‘Pass the Parcel’ (Wi-Fi)
    • ‘Coconut Fight’ (Wi-Fi)
    • ‘Banazooka Fight’ (Wi-Fi)
    We'll have more information on Manic Monkey Mayhem as it becomes available, as well as a full review when the game hits the WiiWare service at the end of this month.

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