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Thread: Wii 2???/

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    Quote Originally Posted by 0078265317 View Post
    I heard about the dreamcast but the rest is sevearly outdated.
    Out dated but fun and possibly more fun than most the tripe that's on the shelf's today
    Where did you hear that?
    Retro Gamer among other sites
    And besides new games?
    Yeah NEW GAMES!
    The 2600 is outdated.
    Didnt you already say that?
    So what if you don't own one?
    well thats you problem
    Its not like you have to buy them
    It's not like you can go to toysrus or walmart and pickup one. And don't say ebay cuz its all used crap, plus only so many were made.

    At least my wii breaks I can just goto gamestop and get a new one. Plus 1 year warentee. Ebay has no warentee.
    car boot sales?
    Well actually you can get new a NES (third party)/Mega Drive (officially licensed its in game) and the olny way these old consoles break is via missuses there not like these modern ones with there RROD, Blue light and what ever the Wiis is
    So after a while you have to "out with the old and in with the new"...
    Sod that
    These classic consoles have a lot of good games
    Spoiler Alert!
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    The new ones are nes on a chip (emulation sorta) Try playing castlevania 3 on a new clone. It won't run. It takes advantage of some things hardware wise only the real deal can do (old school). Those new 3rd party nes on a chip clones are crap.

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