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    Epic Mickey looks for Mickey and Donald revealed

    According to Wii.qj.net, Epic Micky will be scheduled for a release of sometime the Fall of next year.

    Disney is getting ready to loosen their grip on the drawstrings that keep all the Epic Mickey goodness they have in place. Game Informer is currently running a new feature that finally shows us what the redesigned Mickey Mouse looks like.

    He looks like this:

    It's not the epic wasteland warrior Mickey I've been seeing in my head (the proportions are more in line with the retro Mickey, though), but this nightmare fuel-ish zombie-like animatronic Donald Duck makes up for that. Many of Mickey's best friends will also show up in the game as animatronic look-alikes, so we can probably expect to see a similar-looking Goofy as well.

    And then here's the Beetleworx, a new Disney creature that looks like the mechanical mutant offspring of Maleficent and one of those cars from Pixar's Cars.

    The Wii-exclusive Epic Mickey is slated for a Fall 2010 release.

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    All i know is i cant wait to see some actually gameplay footage. This could turn out to be a really quality title
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