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    Schizophrenic goes on drunken axe murder after losing at FIFA 08

    According to wii.qj.net another killing as been made. these people "killing" for video games m be really stupid.

    After losing three consecutive games of FIFA 2008 (PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, PSP, DS) to his brother and a friend, 17-year-old James Callaghan nearly emptied a bottle of vodka, armed himself with an axe and a long-bladed knife, and went on a drunken rampage around the neighborhood that left an unfortunate 65-year-old widow dead.

    On the early hours of December 28th last year, Callaghan marched outside his house armed with the axe and knife. His first targets were two girls eating takeout on a bench. Callaghan slammed the axe into the space on the bench between them and said, "I'll stab you and chop off her head off." The girls were able to make a run for it, terrified. Callaghan went after two others, both lucky to have gotten away.

    The next one was not so lucky. 65-year-old Irene Robertson was inside her home when Callaghan forced his way inside it and struck the poor widow on the head with the axe six times, and used the knife to stab her repeatedly with the knife. "On the flat walls and on a mirror Callaghan had written a message to his mother in lipstick saying that he was sorry and hadn't intended to kill an old woman," said prosecutor Guy Kearl.

    Callaghan, now 18 years old, admitted to manslaughter "on the grounds of diminished responsibility and unlawful wounding." After the arrest, Callaghan was also found to be a paranoid schizophrnenic. Psychiatrists reported that he was telling them he had been hearing voices inside his head telling him to kill, and that he saw a man "with horns on his head." Callaghan explained that he drank heavily to cope with those.

    When it all happened, however, Callahan had no prior convictions, but neither was he receiving treatment for his mental condition. According to his friends, Callaghan is known to be a violent drunk. When he was six, he threatened his mom with a kitchen knife. He had since been referred to three occasions with a psychiatric nurse, but received no real treatment.

    James Callaghan has now been sent to a high-security mental hospital.

    Obviously, it wasn't FIFA 08. Although it was also mentioned in the source that Callaghan also played the notorious GTA IV, it was obviously the alcohol and the mental condition that led to the attacks.
    HAHA, a drunken axe murder after losing on FIFA 08...give me a break, are people really this idiotic?

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    he should get the axe as well..

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