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    Doc Louis Wants to Fight You

    According to Wiiware.nintendolife, the Doc loius punchout game is already downloadable..

    If you bought it, Doc Louis's Punch-Out!! is now downloadable.
    If you live in North America and chose Doc Louis's Punch-Out!! as your platinum Club Nintendo reward, then you'll be happy to know that Nintendo of America sent out your download code yesterday.

    After getting the e-mail, simply go to the Wii Shop and enter the code in the correct section (under "Options") to unlock the game and start your download. From then on, it'll function just like a WiiWare game, appearing under your downloaded games and whatnot.

    As expected, the game is pretty much an extension to the retail game - you can fight Doc Louis in three different modes (Warm-up, Training and Sparring), each making him a little bit harder. This means that both newcomers and veterans alike should be able to beat Doc, which is something most of us have been waiting for for over 20 years!
    Let's have a show of hands - who can beat him on the highest difficulty?
    I'm downloading this right after work.

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