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    Iwata: WiiWare Demos Are Coming

    It finally looks like Demos are heading towards the wii-well wiiware demo's at least according to wiiware.nintendolife

    About time WiiWare got some demo action

    Test program limited to a few titles at first. It's about time.

    Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata revealed to investors during a Q&A session at a recent earnings briefing that the company would soon roll out a test program for WiiWare: demos.

    Since this hasn't officially been announced by Nintendo yet there are a lot of details missing, like when it's set to start. At this time it's unknown which regions will be a part of this test program, but Japan is a pretty safe bet. Only a few titles will be included in the test.
    Nintendo is currently the only console maker whose digital download channel doesn't include demos.

    Iwata said this test is being done to see whether Nintendo can get more people to use the Shop Channel, although he admitted that he didn't believe demos are the end-all solution. Still, it's a nice start!
    heres the link http://wii.ign.com/articles/104/1041407p1.html

    Here's what wii.qj.net said about it.

    WiiWare demos in Nintendo's plans

    Soon, there will be demos for games on WiiWare. This appears to be the plan of Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata, as disclosed in a recent Q&A session.

    At their recent earnings briefing, Iwata revealed to investors that some time this month, they will be holding a test program for the said demos. While the demos will cover only a few select titles, their aim is to find out if the demos can lure in more players shopping on the Wii Shopping Channel to buy the actual WiiWare game.

    Iwata-san admits that the current market for both the WiiWare and DSi Ware are currently small, since the people who come here already know what games they'll get. While they admit that the demos does not guarantee a complete turnabout on their statistics, it is their hope that at least they'll be able to pull in more people to try in more WiiWare games in advance.

    We'll be getting back to you on this as soon as Nintendo releases more information on it.
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