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    BIT.TRIP VOID Coming to North America November 23rd

    Just a heads up, according to wiiware.nintendolife, the wiiware title Bit Trip Void is coming to wiiware in the shop channel Nov. 23th i think

    Thanksgiving treat!

    The third release in the Bit.Trip series coming for Thanksgiving.

    Gaijin Games has just announced that their BIT.TRIP VOID WiiWare title will be available in North America on November 23rd, just in time for Thanksgiving! The game will cost you 600 Wii Points and should give everyone something to do after stuffing down some turkey and dressing.
    You can check out the press release features list below for more information on the game.
    BIT.TRIP VOID continues CommanderVideo's epic journey with:

    • Up to 4 Player Local Co-op!
    • Mid-Level Checkpoints!
    • Epic Boss Battles!
    • Nunchuk & Classic Controller Support!
    • A Rockin' Chipmusic-Inspired Soundtrack!
    • Special Chipmusic Guest Star Nullsleep!
    • Synesthetic Music/Art/Gameplay Interaction!
    • Hyper-realistic Retro Cutscenes!

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    OH really? This is relevant to my interests. Strangly i just babble blogged about how i couldnt beat BIT.TRIP CORE. HOW nice to have came across this.

    New Wii Code.
    This list will be updated as I get codes for this new Wii console. As the last one wont eject my disk I will no longer be gaming on it.
    List of games for Wii wifi:
    Animal Crossing City Folk
    New info coming soon (reformatted wii ftl). (prefered age <18)

    It's Tardin' Time!!!

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