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    Jackal ReBirth - The Next Konami ReBirth Game?

    From wiiware.nintendolife states the next Wiiware rebirth game will be-Jackal.

    i never even played it on the N.E.S.

    Jackal ReBirth?

    Prototype screenshots seem to say so.

    Konami's been very busy making new versions of their classic games for WiiWare. With Gradius, Contra and Castlevania already done, and with Life Force apparently also on the way, they've picked some excellent series so far. Their fifth pick now seems to have been revealed as well.

    If you head over to designer Eric Testroete's site, you'll find a page containing early screenshots of an "undisclosed Wii project." Hardcore Konami fans, however, will no doubt recognize this as a new version of the arcade/NES classic Jackal, an overhead run and gun game. One shot in particular looks very similar to a location in the arcade game - Compare the two in the image section below.

    There's pretty much no doubt that this is supposed to be Jackal, but of course Konami hasn't actually announced anything yet - For all we know, the game could be scrapped completely. Let's hope that doesn't happen!
    Yay a remake/rebirth of Life force

    heres the link http://testroete.com/index.php?location=undisclosed

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    How about a Geoman remake?

    I wanna see Yae with better pixels

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    HOLY CRAP!! i hope they do this jackal was my fav game!

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