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    Mario and Luigi wanted for beating up a cabbie

    From wii.qj.net, 2 morons dressed up for Halloween as...get this crazy shit...MARIO and LUIGI. and robbed some stores and whooped a cab drivers ass.. hahahahahahahhaha this crap is way to funny what kinda idiots...next whoa...Zelda and Link or Sonic and Tails or Donkey and Diddy Kong.

    or how about this, Spongebob, Patrick, Mr. Krabs, Squidward, Sandy and Gary.

    Seriously now heres the story...hahaha Story.

    Let me start by clarifying that this is in no way a Nintendo marketing attempt for the New Super Mario Bros. Wii coming out on November 15th (WTF if this is). This happened for real. Two guys dressed up as Mario and Luigi (presumably for Halloween), plus one other suspect, are now wanted by the police for assault and robbery on a poor cabbie.

    It happened 1:00AM on November 1st in Staten Island, when a cab pulled over at a gas station, asked his colorful passengers to pay up and leave. These Mario Brothers must've lost all their gold coins, because instead of coughing up a few coins for the fare, they beat the poor cabbie up, took his wallet and fled the scene. They must've really been saving up for that 1Up.

    A third suspect, a guy dressed in a white tux, served as a lookout while the fake Mario Brothers went about business. I'm guessing Donkey Kong ditched his red tie for the white suit for Halloween.

    The three men are still at large and are currently wanted by the police. Something tells me they won't come out of hiding on November 15th.
    hers the like with the video hehe I can't hold in my laughter http://www.nydailynews.com/news/ny_c..._cabbie_b.html
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    dang mario u beat the crap out of some dude.....EPIC XDDD

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