Remember the funny fighting Tofu of Resident Evil 2? Don't look now, but it seems like somebody at Capcom loves him some tofu, and so they've decided to give the chewy soybean treat the dark side treatment of his own. Tofu will be returning in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles not as a playable character, but as an evil bloodthirsty beast..errr..yeah.

Apparently, even soybean products are not immune to Umbrella's evil concoctions. Vegetarian zombies in Raccoon City must've gotten the best out of poor Tofu, and so he spends the remainder of his life as a biological weapon.

You'll find him and his other tofu friends in the game's Tofu Mode, where many zombies are replaced with huge chunks of tofu. Perhaps to cut down on all the blood, fat, and meat, players are given the alternative of going for Tofu Mode.

heres the video (I couldn't embed the video to wiichat)