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    Rabbids Go Home Recalled Due to Offensive Language?

    According to wii.nintenlife, Raving Rabbids go home might be offensive to some. give me a ****ing break here, Rabbids...why??

    [quote][ Naughty rabbid.

    UPDATED - Recall not happening says Ubisoft, official statement on its way. We've just received some early reports that Ubisoft is recalling Rabbids Go Home from UK stores due to it containing "language that some users may find offensive".

    Actual details are hard to come by, but we'd hazard a guess that the line in question is "No penetration allowed in this zone". We could be wrong, of course.

    We'll keep you updated on the situation and will try to get Ubisoft's side of the story, but those of you that already own the game could be sitting on a potential goldmine in the near future - recalled games almost always rise in value.

    UPDATE: Ubisoft has gotten back to us to state that the title is NOT being recalled, although they company is preparing an official statement relating to the content in question, which suggests that something may well be amiss.
    As soon as we have the statement from Ubisoft, we'll post it up here.


    heres some comments left by ppl who posted to this artical on nintendolife.

    1. nintendomasterr
    AHAHHAHAHHA they need to get a life!
    Games are being released for tons of consoles with bigger issues than the ones mentioned above!!!!

    2. Damo
    The problem is that Rabbids is aimed at kids. Until we know exactly which piece of dialogue has caused the recall, we can't really comment.

    3. Reala
    Sounds like that "again again" tellytubby thing, where some thought it said "I got a gun", wonder what was said.

    6. Machu

    Meanwhile... teenagers across the nation, slaughter innocent civilians in an airport.

    8. drdark
    See, NOW I want to get this... sigh.
    Also, given the reasonably good reviews it's been getting I wouldn't say Rabbids was "aimed at kids", I think the phrase should be "family friendly". In any case I've seen more adult jokes in Ice Age 3...

    ive got the super rare "lets turn this train sp@stic" edition of mario party 8 pal, which was recalled

    13. RyuZebian
    This title is probably the world's best suited game for being stamped with "Comical mischief."

    14. Bass X0 17 Nov 2009, 13:30 GMT
    In full its


    15. SKTTR
    You have to be a real spastic to find this offensive!

    16. Raylax
    I find the term "BWAAAAAAAGH" highly offensive, racist, facist, sexist, agest and quite blasphemous.

    17. 110percent
    I would only recall a game if it was made of lead. Some "offensive language" doesn't bother me. I understand that its because of kids, but odds are they wouldn't get it anyways. Compare language in this game to the original conkers bad fur! That didn't get recalled!

    18. lz2009
    If Europe's video game rating company said it was okay, what's the big deal?

    19. ChristeriousNinja
    So... penetration means a game should be removed, yet Banjo Kazooie is still on XBLA? I mean come ON! How many sexual references did that game have, everyone knew at least ONE of them >_> (and don't forget BT with Mingy Jongo o_o)

    21. Swerd_Murd
    Man I thought the US were the only ones way too concerned with trivial crap....
    That's kind of a clever use of that line IMO, and sexual inuendo-laced humor is nothing new. Hell they use it creatively in kids shows to keep parents chuckling in a lot of cases, and nothing about the Rabbids series has ever been for ages lower than 13...and I feel by 13 you aren't gonna get brainraped by that quote (or at any age).I watched Beavis and Butthead when I was 5 and I still turned out ok tweaks out
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