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Rumor has it that Electronic Arts will be adding more people to its list of cut employees. The target? Pandemic Studios.

Kotaku reports that several sources have intimated that almost all of the studio's staff in Los Angeles will be let go today. That's around 200 people. Those few left will reportedly be absorbed into other EA dev teams.

It's not yet official but it's a shame, especially since Pandemic's new game, The Saboteur (PC, PS3, and Xbox 360), isn't even out yet.

Following up on earlier rumors of Pandemic Studios' closure, Kotaku reports that an internal Electronic Arts memo has confirmed the studio's fate.

The memo didn't specify exactly how many people were cut, but it did mention that Pandemic's top three execs -- former CEO Andrew Goldman, former studios president Josh Resnick, and VP of product development Greg Borrud -- were among those let go.

Despite the cuts, EA says that the Pandemic brand and franchises will live on, and the memo indicates that new games based on the studio's franchise will be announced "in the months ahead." A "core IP team" is being shuffled off to EA's LA offices, presumably to help EA keep Pandemic's franchises alive.

The layoffs were reportedly made to improve EA's cost structure, ensure quality and build schedule integrity for the studio. Huh. Shades of Westwood and Bullfrog all over again.