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Nearly two years after she took a VP seat at Nintendo of America, Denise Kaigler has announced that she will be leaving the company, citing family reasons as the reason for her departure.

Kaigler, who personally gives out updates through her Nintendo Minutes feature on IGN, gave her final Minutes last Friday. "It's a fact of life that job and family often pull us in opposite directions," she wrote, noting the challenge of commuting constantly across San Francisco, Seattle, New York, and her home in New England. "It has been a fantastic adventure, but the time has come where I need to choose one over the other … and I have to choose my family."

There are hundreds of people I hope I will run across again – and trust that I will. So instead of considering this "game over," I look at my choice as really just finishing one level … and moving on to the next.

Denise Kaigler leaves a huge empty seat in Nintendo of America, and it is uncertain if her successor will continue with Nintendo Minute. For now, let's just wish her the best of luck in leveling up.