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    Eiji Aonuma explains why they're not being aggressive with Ocarina of Time remake

    According to wii.qj.net

    It's no secret that fans all over are clamoring for a remake of Ocarina of Time. Some would want to see it on the Wii, others on the DS. Let's see what Eiji Aonuma says about this possibility, if it does exist at all.

    Well, I sometimes hear such requests from people who want to play Ocarina of Time on Wii, they ask us to remake it and take advantage of Wii technology. Whenever we think about the remake, we have to also think about the background, especially what kind of situation, what kind of period and time that previous game was played in, because be it Ocarina of Time or any other games, whenever they say they want to remake on whichever platform, they have some emotional attachment from playing that game at a particular time or environment.

    That sort of background is always there when they talk about or request the remake of a game. We cannot afford to destroy that kind of emotional attachment. Still, even if we are going to take advantage of the improved technology, we have to have some breakthrough in the gameplay. That combination is not an easy one. Whenever we talk about this breakthrough technology, we come up with ideas that we would like to incorporate into the new Zelda franchise. So that's the current situation and that's the reason why we are not very aggressive in exploring the possibility of remaking the past Zelda series.

    If I can think of how to do it, or any other inspiration comes to me, without destroying the emotional attachment people have to the past game, and I can make some great innovation or renovation to the remake, then I might be able to think about it further.
    heres the link... scratch that for me, it doesn't work on my end well it , might for some though http://www.nintendoeverything.com/28600/
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    he's got a point. i'm personally against re-making old games cause its so hard to get that retro feel with the new stuff. that's why i prefer things like NSMBWii; it stays true to the old without being a remake, yet shows off tons of new stuff at the same time.

    if anything what Nintendo should do is release a N64 controller attachment like the Classic controller.

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