According to my post i made on Nov. 17th about Rabbids go home have offensive language, you an find that post here
I have an update

It's looks like those Rabbids found a new home...Yeah now those Raving Rabbids aren't abandoned.

Eat THAT, Rabbids!

Rabbids Go Home stamped with new, higher rating

A few weeks ago we hit you with the big news that Ubisoft's Rabbid adventure was facing recall from select UK retailers due to "potentially offensive content." Now you'll be pleased to hear Rabbids Go Home has reappeared on shop shelves with a new, higher PEGI 12 rating.

Considering the previous rating was a PEGI 7 it may not seem a huge jump, but it's extremely unusual for a game's rating to change after release and begs the question of how thoroughly the game was checked before being given its rating.

Whether the game's original pressing with a 7 certificate will become one of those must-have rarities in later years is something we will only know with the benefit of time, but get ready to see those Rabbids with bright orange 12s on their boxes from now on.