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    Slipknot debuts into Rock Band next week

    According to wii.qj.net, looks like slipknot is going to b e in Rock Band.

    In case the rock in Rock Band wasn't hardcore enough for you, would you care for a few rounds of Slipknot? Turn up the speakers and warn your neighbors, Corey Taylor and the rest of the masked metal menaces are making their Rock Band debut next week.

    Normally, folks down at the ESRB would choke on their lunches after getting an earful of their expletives. Perhaps that's why only three of their cleaner songs would be making it to the game - Duality, Psychosocial, and Sulfur. As for "Surfacing", I'm betting my left nut that won't come anywhere near the Rock Band stores. Besides, they'd end up censoring half the song if it did.

    To make up for all the screaming, Simon & Garfunkel will soothe you with "I Am Rock" and "The Sound of Silence". Light Resolve's "Dreaming of Love" is coming next week too, but that one is just for the PS3 and XBox 360 versions.

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    Wow that would be awesome...

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