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    There are indeed a whole lot of classic Mario games on the VC.

    Mario Bros - 500 points
    Super Mario Bros - 500 points
    Super Mario Bros 2 - 500 points
    Super Mario Bros 3 - 500 points
    Super Mario Bros: The Lost levels - 600 points

    Super Mario World - 800 points
    Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars - 800 points
    Super Mario Kart - 800 points

    Mario Bros 64 - 1000 points
    Mario Kart 64 - 1000 points
    Paper Mario - 1000 points
    Mario Golf - 1000 points

    I own them all apart from Mario RPG, Mario Golf and Mario Kart.

    As Shadow*91 said, you would need a Wii Classic Controller ($25) to play any of the SNES or N64 games. You can also use a Gamecube controller but the button layout isn't ideal for SNES games.

    Wii points can be bought in a store, a 2000 point card costs $20 - $25. You can also buy them directly from the Wii shop channel using a credit card.
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    I didn't realize it was all snes games. But why? Like harvest moon for example all you are doing is walking around and stuff. Can't you walk with the wii remote.

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    the SNES had and used 4 buttons. the NES had 2. that's why the GC or Classic controller is needed.

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