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    Megaman 10 Heading to WiiWare!

    According to wiiware.nintendolife Megaman 10 will hit wiiware sometime according to capcom i think next year someday

    Sheep Man! SHEEP MAN!

    New Nintendo Power announces upcoming Capcom epic!

    It seems 90% of the people who bought MegaMan 9 haven't finished it yet, but there's still plenty of time to whip those last levels into submission as MegaMan 10 will be launched in 2010.

    The latest issue of Nintendo Power carries the exclusive reveal of the blue blaster's latest escapade, and it's looking like following in its predecessor's footsteps with more retro-styled running and gunning. Those that struggled with the previous entry may be pleased to know that 10 will feature an "Easy Mode", although Easy in the context of the MegaMan series isn't exactly the falling-off-a-log kind.

    There's also new bosses, including the terrifying-sounding Sheep Man who gives you "Thunder Wool", and you'll also have the ability to play as Proto Man from the very beginning, bringing yet more fresh twists to this rather exciting project.
    Heres what wii.qj.net has to say.

    Nintendo Power is celebrating its 250th issue, and it spreads the joy as it reveals that the classic Mega Man 10 is indeed set to arrive on the Wii Ware. Delicious details include Proto Man being playable right from the start, as well as a third mystery playable character.

    More features await in this WiiWare iteration of Mega Man 10:

    • Mega Man is looking for a vaccine-making device to fight the 'Robotenza', which causes robots to overheat and go crazy
    • play as Proto Man right from the start
    • third playable character yet to be revealed
    • computer-themed stage with mouse pointer enemies that draw boxes to throw at you, color-changing disappearing blocks, power treadmills and more
    • lava level, vertically oriented, lava pools, block shaped enemies that can duplicate themselves, conveyor belts that push you down
    • Sheep Man: turns into 4 clouds that hover above and attack with lightning, earn Thunder Wool for lightning attacks
    • features an easy mode
    Another report from wii.qj.net on this mega man 10 for wiiware

    Mega Man 10 rumors: third character, two-player gameplay, PS3-Xbox 360 release?

    Nintendo Power may have brought us word that Mega Man 10 is headed for WiiWare, but the rumor mill will hand us a few of the finer details of the upcoming game. We've got the goods on the third mystery character, the gameplay, and more info on the story.

    First up - the unrevealed third playable character will be Bass, and he'll come into the game as DLC, so the rumor says. He is to be played the same way he was in Mega Man & Bass. The game will maintain the lovable 8-bit style and it's possible that there may be a PS3 and Xbox 360 release.

    What makes the rumor so juicy is that it claims that Mega Man 10 will have two-player gameplay - something that X and Zero haven't even done. Thing is, it's not clear whether this is a two-player story mode, or if there are specific two-player game modes.

    As for the story, there's the usual virus and Mega Man is out to save the day. More pressure on this one 'cause Roll catches it, and the Blue Bomber has to go to Dr. Wily to get help (what?!) and find a cure. Dr. Wily denies he knows anything about the virus, but then again, he's Dr. Wily.
    hers some more news from wii.qj.net

    We still don't have a follow-up for the Mega Man 10 rumors that popped out the other day, but we do have more official info about the WiiWare release. For today, we'll get our buster cannons on some in-game features plus our first look at another robot master.

    First up, Mega Man 10 will see the return of Yasichi, all geared up and at your service. The Mega Man 9 shops will also carry over to this next release, so you can stock up on items like you did before. Nintendo Power also mentions that there will be achivement-style challenges, online leaderboards, DLC, and that the game will offer more game modes than the usual robot-slaying countdown.

    Now for our robot master - introducing Commando Man, he who rides into battle without any underwear. Kidding. As pictured above, Commando Man clearly loves his tidy whities. That's not all he has though - he's got a ground-pounding stun attack, homing missiles, and his primary attack has a large AoE.

    Finally, there's the matter of release - Mega Man 10 is coming March 2010 to WiiWare.
    heres the link http://www.themmnetwork.com/2009/12/...-commando-man/
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    heres a new artical on wiiware.nintendolife

    Looks like there won't be any shortage of enemies for our hero to defeat

    New story details, screenshots and trailer released

    Mega Man 10 has been confirmed for a WiiWare release in March of this coming year, and it's looking to be absolutely ace. We're able to divulge a few of the details on the game's story fresh from today's press release:
    "The year is 20XX and a suspicious outbreak of Roboenza, a Robot Flu, has broken out. It spreads through the world like wildfire bringing down robots everywhere. Infected robots have rampaged out of control, destroying the city and holding it hostage! Who’s behind this mess? It’s up to Mega Man to take on this sinister threat and get to the bottom of this viral mystery."
    We're dead excited about this game at Nintendo Life Towers. With its "NES-inspired old-school graphics" and retro appeal, Mega Man 10 is shaping up to be everything fans are hoping for – especially if the new screens and trailer are anything to go by.
    Although the Mega Man series has traditionally been notoriously difficult, this new game will feature an 'easy mode'. At the end of the trailer you can see an implementation of this feature, as some deadly spikes present in the normal game are covered up with some decidedly less deadly floorboards:
    Mega Man 10 will likely be a huge success, but where does the series go from here? In a global Capcom webcast, series producer Keiji Inafune has hinted he's going to be trying something different with the next game:
    "I love the series and I'd love to make a game like that, but you have no idea how busy I am," Inafune said. "I'm glad the fans love the X series, but I think before I make a return to that series, I want to do something completely different with Mega Man."
    Sounds pretty mysterious! What are your thoughts on the future of the series and Mega Man 10's new 'easy mode?' We say it sounds pretty mega, man!
    heres the video for the upcoming game


    I might download this when it hits u.s.a
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