You have to realise that those who bought launch wii's were guinea pigs in some respects. You didn't buy one straight up because of all the available on-line functionality or the plethora of VC games, because these are non-existent. People who waited for hours in line did so because THEY WANTED TO BE FIRST TO OWN ONE>. Every launch piece of technology, every first batch will always be buggy. Just look at everyone who went out and bought MacBooks as soon as they were released, there were problems everywhere. Me, personally, i only want to play zelda. It really doesn't warrant me buying a Wii at this point because honestly all the other games look crap. Wii sports looks cool for some party fun, but i'd rather wait till the games i know will be kick arse are released Mario Galaxy, Metroid, Final Fantasy. It will be interesting to see how all this online stuff pans out. I really hope it takes off, but it is early days.