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    Wii game for six year old girl

    Just bought my daughter a Wii and looking for advice for a good game for her.
    I was thinking about a puzzle type adventure game.

    I bought Peppa Pig but it's too easy and not challenging enough


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    My six yo loves the Wii Fit, Resort, Littlest Pet Shop and Dora. She also does pretty well with the lego games as long as someone is playing with her. She needs help reading most games, but Fit and Resort are pretty easy once they get used to them.

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    I'd suggest you look at some of these:

    Disney Princess Enchanted Journey
    Dora The Explorer Saves - Snow Princess/Crystal Kingdom/Mermaids
    Go Diego Go - Great Dinosaur Rescue/Jaguar Hunt
    Barbie - Island Princess/Horse Riding
    Lego - Star Wars/Batman/Indiana Jones
    My Sims Kingdom
    Ice Age 2
    Night At The Museum

    Family/mini games:
    Wii Sports Resort
    Wii Play
    Rayman Raving Rabbids
    Super Monkeyball Banana Blitz (but only for the minigames)
    Boom Blox Bash Party
    Hasbro Family Game Night

    New Super Mario Bros Wii (only if someone older can play too)
    DDR Disney Grooves (if she likes dancing)
    Wii Music
    Mario Kart Wii
    Littlest Pet Shop
    Animal Crossing City Folk

    My 4 year old granddaughter loves New Super Mario Bros, Disney Princess, Raving Rabbids, Wii Sports Resort, Lego Star Wars and the Monkeyball mini games. Some are a little advanced for her (although she completed the first world in NSMB by herself) but most of them have multiplayer so I can play too and help her along.

    It depends what your little girl is in to as well. There are lots of themed kids games such as Hanna Montana, Ben 10, High School Musical etc and while they might not be as high quality as some of the games that I listed if a kid is really into the show/movie then they'll probably get some enjoyment out of the game.
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    Hmm...resident evil 4. House of the dead over kill. Cod reflex. They are all good chioces..

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