Okay so let me say a few things first...I love CoD MW:R's multiplayer ,but i had a hard time getting into the story because i couldnt really follow the story from the way it jumped around as well as the fact that i'm not an army/war buff. secondly sometimes the action gets so chaotic to the point of frustration.

Anyhow i finally got myself thru the story mode which unlocked arcade mode (im assuming this was exclusive to the wii version). And, this is where i got a nice smile on my face. I toyed around with this mode for a bit ,and i loved the satification of seeing points for my kills. Which is something i'd love to see in future call of duty wii titles & other wii fps games. it makes going back thru the story mode levels more rewarding.

What did anyone else think of this mode?

Lastly where does the mile high club mission fit into the story. Is it suppose to lead into CoD MW2?