According to a new game called GTI Club-World, but a mini game is a combination between soccer and cars, perfectly called Car Soccer or (SC for short)

You guys know what soccer (or football, depending where you're from) is, right? Now imagine that game being played using cars and a giant soccer ball. That's one of the events included in GTI Club World City Race, the PSP and Wii port of a 2008 arcade title from Konami.

GTI Club World City Race puts players behind the wheel of one of 16 customizable real-world compact cars for a variety of races set in European city environments. Along with the aforementioned car soccer, there's also a car-based game of tag where players try to avoid being hit by other cars.

Konami hasn't said anything yet about multiplayer support for the game's PSP version, but the Wii port will apparently feature four-player competitive and co-op multiplayer over Wi-Fi Connection.

GTI Club World Race is set for a simultaneous PSP and Wii release on February 25 in Japan.
Via da linko Andriasang