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    Marvelous Entertainment execs choose pay cuts over layoffs

    According to wii.qj.net Marvelous Entertainment execs pay cuts instead of layoffs.

    Marvelous Entertainment posted a rather unfortunate earnings forecast for the quarter and things aren't looking so marvelous for the publisher. But instead of taking it out on the workforce by sacking people left and right, key executives in the company are getting themselves some sizable pay cuts.

    Siliconera reports that executive staff are to find their paychecks 15-17% smaller, while directors are facing a much tougher 25-43%. Hats off to the Marvelous CEO who will be taking a whopping 77% pay reduction.

    As Siliconera puts it, "itís not like these guys are going to be working nightshifts at Family Mart." The news, however, is very interesting in a way that the execs are taking the blow instead of going for the usual layoff.

    via linko Siliconera

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    Seems like not only do Marvelous make some great games but they are a great company to work for too.
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