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    Pokemon Generations

    Pokemon Generations will lead the players through a full-blown Pokemon epic. The main character starts off in an expanded version of Pallet town.

    Generations will be rendered in full 3D and the Main Character will be able to jump, swim short distances, and ride a bike.

    Generations will span over the first four Generations of Pokemon Games, including the main regions, islands, expanded areas with new caves and forests to explore. New areas will be available for download.

    The player will choose from one of the three Generation I starters: Charmander, Bulbasaur, or Squirtle. Through various events you will have opportunities to capture every Starter Pokemon from Generation I to Generation IV.

    Players may choose between a male or female protagonist. There will be some customizable features from the start such as hair style, hair color, skin color, eye color and body type. Your starting clothing will be pre-determined, but more outfits will be purchasable in larger cities.

    Your new rivals will be self-proclaimed and change based on what region you're currently adventuring.

    All 493 Pokemon will be available in one game, save for many legendary Pokemon and their locations, only accessible through downloadable SS and Train tickets.

    It will prove exceedingly difficult and time-consuming to catch every Pokemon on one's own with the implementation of the 'Pokemon Behavior' system, effectively rotating pokemon locations around the clock and throughout the week. Trading between friends worldwide is heavily encouraged.

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    So this would be for handheld right?? Because Nintendo encourages trading on the go.
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