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Thread: Homebrew?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rukus View Post
    umm... homebrew doesnt really apply to the warez rule.
    Nintendo don't like the Homebrew channel so we are not allowed to speak of it openly.
    Its not illegal (like emulators), but it can be used for things we are not allowed to speak of.(roms and copys)

    Its best not to talk of it outside of some kind of PM discussion.
    Witch is a shame as there's some good Homebrew games that are gold while some Wii games are tarmac
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    castlezelda a buddy of mine just hooked me up with the homebrew channel ,and im 4.2u firmware so i could help ya. I want to make something clear though that confused me at first.

    While yes using Homebrew Channel you can make means to get emulators to play roms of old systems. You can not however play pirated retail games with the homebrew channel unless you go through the means of softmodding through applications that you can download with the homebrew channel.

    I didnt go this route though as A) Wii devs need all the support they can get & B) there are too many conflicting tuts on how to do it which makes it way too risky.
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