Courtney love said Kurt cobain would've been fine w/guitar hero's likeness.

Courtney Love wasn't at all happy with the way Kurt Cobain's likeness appears in Guitar Hero 5, so pissed that she's threatened to sue Activision for it. But despite all the rancor she's shown over the whole deal, Love is having mixed feelings about going with the legal proceedings. She herself admitted that Kurt Cobain would have found his Guitar Hero appearance funny.

"What pisses me off the most about it is I think Kurt would be fine with having five Kurt Cobains singing the (Spice Girls) song Wannabe, like, 'Tell me what you want, what you really really want.'... I think he'd find that really funny," Love told UK's NME magazine. So if Kurt would've been okay with it, why isn't she?

Here's why:
But at the same time it's gross what they did. Gwen started the lawsuit. I have really good lawyers now and will join that lawsuit. There was this grey area and they f***ed the lot of us. They didn't f*** Jack White, but they f***ed Gwen, f***ed Johnny Cash and f***ed Kurt... It's just gross. This is the rock 'n' roll business, this is what people do. They are sleazy; they do sleazy things.
Gwen Stefani has already sued Activision for similar issues with the likeness of No Doubt used in Band Hero. Activision has already responded to Love's threats, so the ball's on Courtney's court.
via Contact Music