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While other retailers would consider digital content as a threat to their business, GameStop COO J. Paul Raines believes that DLC is critical to their survival. As such, he says that the next challenge for him and his business is to promote DLC to those who are unaware of its existence and how to access them.

Speaking at a Business Law conference at Southern Methodist University, Raines stressed the importance of downloadable content and its rapid growth. "The only way a company like ours survives is being dedicated to the category," he said. "Downloadable content is a good thing because it enhances and extends games."

A survey from Frank N. Magid Associates earlier this month saw that only 15% of gamers purchase DLC, and an even bigger 43% aren't even aware of them. Even though one may throw question to the survey methodology, there's still some truth to those figures somewhat, and GameStop is looking to change that.