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    IW's former heads file suit against Activision

    According to wii.qj.net

    We now have more information as regards to the sudden departure of Infinity Ward heads Vince Zampella and Jason West. After they've been sacked by Activision, they're now gearing up for battle in court, slapping the publisher with a mean lawsuit.
    Reports say that Activision was set to pay the duo "substantial royalty payments" but instead fired them even before the date of the said payment arrived.

    According to Attorney Robert Schwartz: "Instead of thanking, lauding, or just plain paying Jason and Vince for giving Activision the most successful entertainment product ever offered to the public, last month Activision hired lawyers to conduct a pretextual 'investigatino' into unstated and unsubstantiated charges of 'insubordination' and 'breach of fiduciary duty,' which then became the grounds for their termination on Monday, March 1st."

    Both Zampella and West are also seeking the return of their contractual rights to the Modern Warfare brand.
    Via Joystiq

    Ex-IW heads' lawyer: Activision is only fishing

    More on the ongoing Infinity Ward-Activision showdown. Reportedly, an internal memo reveals Activision to be searching for documentation that will prove that the sacked IW duo, West and Zampella, have in fact been planning on leaving Activision. Even more, they believe that the two were leaving to jump ship to Electronic Arts.

    But according to their lawyer, Bobby Schwartz, "Any suggestion that they were in talks with EA (or any other company) to leave or start their own team is known to Activision to be completely false and, therefore, an irresponsible comment for Activision to be making. They are fishing, and there no fish in the sea."

    He also gave further insight as to why the lawsuit was filed, saying, "[West and Zampella] have a contract that spells out their rights to control future Modern Warfare 2 games, after Modern Warfare 2."

    Via Kombo
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    if the modern warfare series isnt made by infinity ward anymore because of this, it will be a huge opening for medal of honor to come in and take over...
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    Quote Originally Posted by akubokawii View Post
    if the modern warfare series isnt made by infinity ward anymore because of this, it will be a huge opening for medal of honor to come in and take over...
    Good, medal of honor needs a little bit of spark. (well a lot actually)
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