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    Help Icon Games Develop Stunt Cars 2

    According to wii.qj.net, Icon games needs our help.

    Developers invite you to have your say

    Enter their competition where you can have your suggestions implemented and win a collection of prizes

    For game developers, striking that balance between keeping the idea as close to their conception as possible whilst also taking gamer feedback and suggestions into consideration must be a difficult thing to achieve. Logically thinking, obtaining this harmony must be the key to making a great game. That's exactly the kind of action that Icon Games has taken since the release of Stunt Cars for WiiWare.
    Our very own Corbie Dillard found too many faults with the first Stunt Cars, but fast-forward three months and it seems that Icon Games is reaching out for constructive feedback from gamers in order to make Stunt Cars 2 as best as they can.

    Icon Games is running a competition where gamers can suggest new features and ideas they would like the developers to incorporate into the sequel. There are no rules as such; just play the first Stunt Cars, and tell them what you think should be different with the sequel by sending an email with game suggestions and your contact details to

    comp[at]icongames.com. The best three ideas will be chosen by Icon Games and the winners will receive the following prizes:
    • A copy of their upcoming WiiWare and PSP game RaceTrax upon release
    • Dedicated in-game billboard design, featuring their name in RaceTrax
    • A special thanks in the RaceTrax credits
    • 2000 Nintendo Wii Points
    The competition is open to gamers of all ages and the deadline is April 30.

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