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    Help with Wii motion controls on Bully (though anyone could probably help)

    I'm new to Wii and I just started playing the game Bully: Scholarship Edition. I suspect that anyone who plays Wii can probably help me out though, since I think I'm just failing to understand the motion controls properly...

    When you get to your first class (Chemistry 1) little icons appear at the bottom of the screen that tell you what to do with either the nunchuk or the wiimote.

    There will be a picture of the wiimote with an arrow facing to the right. (It actually looks more like a little half circle with a right-facing arrow at the end of it.)

    I took this to mean that you moved the wiimote in the air to the right, but it fails me every time. I tried pointing the wiimote straight at the sensor like you would with a regular TV remote, and I also tried holding the wiimote up and down (like it appears in the picture) and moving it to the right. Neither worked for me..

    I also tried drawing a sort of half circle to the right, like the arrow in the picture.. also didn't work.

    I am having the same issue when I get caught by a prefect. It shows the wiimote standing up with a left facing arrow and a right facing arrow. I took this to mean I had to simply move the wiimote to the left and to the right.. but again, it's not working for me..

    I don't seem to have trouble following the motions it asks for the nunchuk, just the ones for the wiimote. The wiimote itself works fine in this game in other areas, and in all my other games, so I'm sure the fault is entirely my own and not the game or the wiimote.. But I just don't know how to interpret the pictures into what I am supposed to physically be doing with the wiimote.

    Can anyone try to describe to me in detail what I should do, or possibly link to a video on youtube? I tried Googling it, but I came up with nothing.. I had some problems with learning to fish on Zelda Twilight Princess as well, and I found a youtube video where a guy shows exactly how to move the wiimote, and then I got it my first try after that... So, I'm sure it's just me doing it wrong. Heh.

    Thanks for helping out a Wii newbie!!


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    I haven't played the game, but maybe you need to flick the remote in the direction(s) indicated, as opposed to moving them more slowly(?)

    In looking at some old reviews, they mention flicking, which is a more rapid motion.

    See http://www.gamesradar.com/wii/bully-...4531864036/p-2

    Here are some hints/walkthroughs as well:

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